We believe stories can make a positive difference in the world and we hope to do so by developing an animated series set in the Kaleidoscope universe, to spread positive messages, inspire hope, love and compassion.

By supporting Hei Stories on Patreon, with a contribution of your choice, we’ll be able to hire concept artists and animators as we make the move into the animation industry and begin creating an animated series based in the Kaleidoscope universe.  Through a gradual income, we’ll also be able to book booths at comicons to spread the word and the more support we get, the more stories we’ll be able to produce to build upon the Kaleidoscope universe and get closer to the producing the animated series.

On Patreon you’ll be able to find exclusive stories and chapters to build an intimate picture of the Kaleidoscope universe and its characters, as well as audio readings. Stories exclusive to patrons will go up twice a week! Patrons will also be able to join in on QnAs, discussions on life, social and global issues and contibute to the kinds of stories we tell.


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