Seeking Scarlet At The End Of The World

In the spirit of opening minds, hearts and eyes, Hei Stories is proud to present: Seeking Scarlet At The End of The World, a project spanning literature, theatre and animation.  In 2017, Seeking Scarlet will be performed in London at the Hackney Picturehouse in January and the OSO Community Arts Centre in March.  The performances will be inspired by animation, utilising voice, art and music to create an immersive experience.

You can purchase tickets here for the January showings in Hackney. 

You can purchase tickets here for the 3rd March showing at OSO, Barnes.

You can purchase tickets here for the 4th March showing at OSO, Barnes.

This story was created to open our hearts to the plight of refugees, to the beauty of difference and diversity and the need for love in a troubled world.

The story, set in the global capital of Polis Earth, filled with markets, coffee shops, storytellers and all manner of faiths, focuses on how people deal with the disappearance of a symbol, of Asem.  Some keeping hope and spreading her message of love, whilst others turn desperate and lash out at the world.  This is a story about love, identity, hope, peace, war and place.

The world has grown reliant on a young heroine refugee known as Asem, but she becomes heart-broken and turns away from the world. Soon after, the similarly embittered insurgent known as Iconoclast assaults the city of Polis Earth utilising marginalisation and sorrow to fuel her movement. Petra, a community leader and Asem’s lover and friend takes it upon herself to reach out to Iconoclast and change her mind about the world, whilst spreading a message of love and hope. This is a world in which deities known as Constellations exist alongside people, whilst some of us (known as Fragments) are born with extraordinary abilities. Yet, even these fantastical elements serve a grounded message. At the centre of the story are the two great global movements – the marginalised Raindance and the more mainstream Orion Alliance, with people having different interpretations of what the movements mean to them. However, the Raindance at its core is built on independence and rebellion, whilst Orion is built on idealism. Petra represents the majority of peaceful Raindancers, whilst Iconoclast represents the radical minority.

We hope you will fall in love with Asem as well.


You can find previews and sections on our Youtube Channel and Blog-Wiki and sign up to stay updated as we bring this story to life, by emailing  To purchase the full novel, please send us an email on  You can also support the project through Paypal on

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