Season 1 Outline, Seeking Scarlet (Animated, 2018)

Full series outline/ synopisis for the unreleased, Seeking Scarlet animated series. To be released 2018.


Kalos Eidos 1

Worlds, stars, ghosts, the unknowable, the amazing. Welcome to the universe of Kaleidoscope. First issue of the episodic webcomic.

The Language of a Raging Hope Goddess

Lecture notes made on the culture and language behind the ‘inhuman’ Iconoclast, the 30th Century’s greatest criminal. Peace may come from understanding her culture.

Deepak & Julian

Two revolutionaries take a walk. An idealist-activist and a terrorist-guerrilla. Our future depends on their friendship, whether the Orion Alliance and Raindance go to war.

Jasmine: Finale

The final confrontation between Aladdin and Jasmine. Hope, love and horror do battle, the victor will change the universe.

Jasmine: Episode 9

Jasmine finally arrives at the tower of Babylon, preparing for her final confrontation with Aladdin. One final, bizarre test awaits her. Penultimate episode.

Jasmine: Episode 8

Mechaniclese has answers. Who is the geanie king? What is the link between Akkadia and Aghraba? Secrets, wonders and horrors abound.

Jasmine: Episode 7

Jasmine returns from the far reaches of darkness and more secrets await her. But it all seems to point back to one thing.

Jasmine: Episode 6

In search of Pandemonium, Jasmine uncovers more of Akkadia’s secrets. But no sane, living thing is prepared for a Midnight Algorithm.