Who is Asem? A hero for the 21st Century

A damaged, amazing heroine whose feats are motivated by our world in the 21st Century. This is her story, mine and ours.


Kalos Eidos 1

Worlds, stars, ghosts, the unknowable, the amazing. Welcome to the universe of Kaleidoscope. First issue of the episodic webcomic.

The Language of a Raging Hope Goddess

Lecture notes made on the culture and language behind the ‘inhuman’ Iconoclast, the 30th Century’s greatest criminal. Peace may come from understanding her culture.

Deepak & Julian

Two revolutionaries take a walk. An idealist-activist and a terrorist-guerrilla. Our future depends on their friendship, whether the Orion Alliance and Raindance go to war.

Jasmine: Finale

The final confrontation between Aladdin and Jasmine. Hope, love and horror do battle, the victor will change the universe.

Jasmine: Episode 9

Jasmine finally arrives at the tower of Babylon, preparing for her final confrontation with Aladdin. One final, bizarre test awaits her. Penultimate episode.

Jasmine: Episode 8

Mechaniclese has answers. Who is the geanie king? What is the link between Akkadia and Aghraba? Secrets, wonders and horrors abound.

Jasmine: Episode 7

Jasmine returns from the far reaches of darkness and more secrets await her. But it all seems to point back to one thing.

Jasmine: Episode 6

In search of Pandemonium, Jasmine uncovers more of Akkadia’s secrets. But no sane, living thing is prepared for a Midnight Algorithm.

Jasmine: Episode 5

Exile Babylonians tell the invader of the beauty and wonder of Akkadia. But is she prepared to accept their plea for help, even if it takes her past the threshold of darkness.

Jasmine: Episode 4

The invader finally finds people in the desolate black sands of Akkadia. But what secrets will they reveal and will the invader maintain her sanity if she hears them?