Release – Seeking Scarlet: A Love Story, A War Drama, A Dreamscape

Fellow lovers, dreamers, fighters, coco drinkers, writers, readers and friends in sentience,

Thank you for your support and for enjoying the world of Seeking Scarlet until now. ¬†I am writing to announce that Seeking Scarlet has been published as an Ebook and is now available. ¬†Everything you’ve been reading on this blog is set in the world that span out of this novel.

A story of love, identity and dreams. Asem’s impossible world, our world, has broken her heart. Calamity followed calamity, until the entity we call ‘Amazing’ breaks into our reality, giving birth to ‘Fragments’; people, human and otherwise who draw phenomenal powers from life itself, shunned and hated for their otherness and loved for being the best of us. Humanity becomes aware of the god-like ‘Constellations’ with whom we share the world and of the Eclipse King, a nightmare which rules the universe. The Romance of the Four Shards ensues, as four Fragment children wage their ideals in a bid to save the world and their kind, as we all stand divided. This is the world which gives birth to the Great Secret Keeper, humanity’s worst enemy and Asem, our last, unifying hope and mightiest sorrow. As Petra explores the world and its history for her place in it, her love may be the only thing that can save Asem and by extension, us all.

I spent three years writing this book and developing the world before it span out into the multimedia animation and art project it is today, on which I am staking a portion of my dreams. Asem came out of the darkest and hardest part of my life but her story is not a tragedy, but rather is one of love of hope and of optimism, as it was then that these things meant most to me. At the same time it struggles with issues of difference and identity in the context of our contemporary world. I hope Asem’s struggle will give you solace the way it did for me, I hope Petra’s love will heal you the way it did me and whether you decide you are of Orion or of the Raindance, I hope this book will remind you of the wonder of the world we live in, its mysteries and its amazing truths. When we are faced with sorrow, let us meet it with fires for lighting, warming and storytelling. I believe stories change worlds and I believe we can create better choices by imagining them. Lets dream. #thisartfightsdaesh




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