Deepak & Julian

Below you’ll find an extract from the Romance of the Four Shards, a part of the Seeking Scarlet saga which is getting a theatrical release this January 21st and 28th at the Hackney Picturehouse in London.  Long before Asem rocked the sky and Iconoclast shattered the earth, Deepak and Julian dreamt, loved and fought.  

She found herself again in the eye of her blackening heart which slowly stole her mind and spirit. And she prayed to die. Instead, it came, as it always did.

“You again. I told you to leave me alone, there’s nothing you can teach me!” Reprise cursed.

“I think you’ll be interested in what I have to say to say.” Grinned the strange girl who wasn’t there, with Muharej, Jester marked across her face. “I know how to make you and your friends human again.”

“You’re lying- LEAVE ME ALONE!”

“You can see him, can’t you? You can see him in your sleep, terrifying isn’t he?” Mocked the Jester. “If you want to make it stop follow the ghost train, it has the answers. I’ll teach you how to find it.” She grinned.

“H-how?” Reprise felt she had nothing left to lose.

“Tragedy.” Laughed the Muharej.

It was autumn when Deepak went to Julian, Jiemba was able to find Cumulus fairly easily yet despite this Deepak never asked her until then. It was autumn when the ghost train began appearing again, at first people feared it would mean the return of Sirius and though it didn’t seem to, the link between it and calamity was still very much believed in. Orion looked into it, attempting to track it, but they wouldn’t ask Jiemba to do it, not after the first time when she fell ill and spoke of something that was the worst, simply the worst- sadness and fear and hate and so much sorrow. They could never ask for her to look for the train again and she didn’t want to try. She talked about being heartbroken, that she’d always thought the ghost train was a thing of wonder and magic, maybe that magic came at a price, maybe there was just someone on board who was the saddest of all living things.

There was word that the train had been sighted a number of times over Lanka, this disturbed Deepak greatly. He would have gone back home even if his mother hadn’t called to tell him of seeing a train sprinting through the clouds at night. Michael and Jiemba wanted to go with him, but he said this was something he needed to do with a particular person. They never could have predicted that Deepak would ask Jiemba to find the Cumulus. Stranger still was that when Deepak asked Julian to come with him, he said yes, maybe it was because he too wanted to unravel the mysteries of the ghost train, Sirius, and their possible connection to Naenamh, or maybe he wanted for himself what Deepak wanted for him. A chance, time, time to be forgiven.

Skylight took them both to Sri Lanka and left. They were there, just the two of them, no global threat to occupy them, no mission in the then and now. They weren’t Cosmos and Awesome, they were just Julian and Deepak standing under the pink sun listening to the birds and the sea.

“Wanna spend a night here?” Deepak proposed.

“On the beach?”

“When was the last time you just looked at the stars Julian?”
“I see them every night in my nightmares, sorry but there’s nothing consoling to me about the kingdom of a tyrant god.”
“What about life, what about wonder?”

“If you’re planning on showing me the Orion’s belt, I’ve seen it and it’s uninspired.” Julian threw his head back. “Do you really want to do this?” He sat down. “Because I don’t.”
“Then let’s not, come on, the bus station isn’t far, we’ll stay there until morning.” Deepak said and Julian was so grateful he didn’t even catch himself saying thanks. They walked for maybe half an hour down a road which Deepak led down with confidence. Julian was jealous of Deepak, his ideals, his hope, it led his way, made his future unclouded and certain, when all Julian saw in the future was horror. No, Deepak wasn’t certain, that’s what hope was. It was in the uncertainty Maybe if any one of them could stop Isa, it would Deepak. Maybe if anyone could change the fate set them by the Eclipse King, it would be Deepak. Or maybe he’d die in a brilliant, terrible flash, just like Amazing. Julian didn’t want that to happen, Deepak was his first friend, he was the last thing he had to hold on to. The night birds had already begun to sing and the air smelt of autumn wild flowers and dusk honey, it made Julian smile.

“Is it the sunset or are those bananas red?” Julian asked.

“Red bananas.” Deepak smiled. “Mostly the same as yellow but a little sweeter I think.” Julian didn’t use his ‘understanding’ to answer his own question, and for the first time in years, Deepak felt like he was standing with Julian and not with Astrologer or Cosmos. With his friend.

“So are any of these autumn trees?” Julian asked.

“Autumn trees aren’t native to Lanka, though some have been brought over from Afghanistan where they appeared about a hundred years ago, there’s one in Ayothenna.

“Your village?”

“Yeah, it’s only a sapling though, can’t get dusk honey from it yet. We’re still part of the Deepa Wali, so to us, autumn trees exist as an idea. Trees gather the stories of the earth and ripen to the colour of the sun; so we make a tree into an autumn tree by putting it through the ritual of making skylights and kites, but we never take the whole tree, just a part of it, it needs to keep growing, life must go on.”

“So you do light catching here too.”
“Of course, but we’ve inherited Nepal’s understanding of the life streams, we call it ‘breath’. Breath fills us, our thoughts and feelings, but as we live and breathe it fills the sky.”
“Creating day, night and rain. That’s how you understand your powers isn’t it? You don’t manipulate the weather, you manipulate breath which affects the sky and can concentrate it into pure life energy, into Amazing’s light.” Julian said, but Deepak just shrugged, picking a red banana off a tree and passing it to Julian.

“Something like that I guess. How do you ‘understand’ your powers?”
“I- a pun… really?”


“That’s it, I’m leaving.”
“You haven’t even tried paripu yet.”
“What is paparipu?”

“It’s ‘awesome’.”


“It really is though. We’re here by the way, bus arrives at seven in the morning, make yourself comfortable.” They were the only ones there, maybe for miles. Julian sat down on his backpack and looked at the sky for the first time in a long time. It was scarlet.

“That’s the colour of life, the life streams turn it that colour.”



“You really aren’t afraid of the night are you?”

“The night is full of stars, stars Julian, stars Naenamh hasn’t been able to extinguish, too many, so if you ask me it proves he’s not all that. It proves we’re not alone out there, the world stretches out there and is full of life.”

“The world?” Julian asked.

“Yeah it’s all the same world, different planets and stars maybe, but we’re all part of each other’s reality. The same living, breathing world. In a world so big, there have to be endless possibilities. In a world so big there is hope.” Deepak said and Julian sighed.

“I don’t know.”

“Take a chance Julian, believe.”

“I do not.” He answered, finally and definitively.

“You haven’t tried paripu yet, that’s you problem.”

“What is that?”

“It’s a kind of tempered curry almost, made from lentils.”

“I’ve never been good with Indian food.” Julian lay back.

“This is Lanka, you’ll love it- and speaking of love.”

“Oh no.”

“What’s up with you and Solace?”

“You’re absurd.”

“If by absurd you mean on the money.”

“I don’t understand you.”

“Ey!” Deepak gave a thumbs up.

“I wasn’t punning.”
“Sure you weren’t.” They didn’t talk that much that evening, but when they did it was about the movies Julian hadn’t seen because he spent all his time in hiding, the new menu at the Cake House and why they didn’t do this kind of thing more often. But as much as he wanted to, Julian didn’t dare ask the question he really wanted an answer to, if Deepak had forgiven him. They slept most of the way on the bus and both found themselves awake maybe a half hour before arriving at their drop-off point.

“So are your family Sinhala or Tamil, just so I know which language to use.”

“They speak Lankan, mixture of both and they’re neither, they migrated from Bangladesh over a couple of generations trying to escape the Purusartha.”
“Do you believe in the stories, about the two girls that saved the world and ended the Purusartha?” Julian asked.

“Neha and Abhilasha, I do believe, even if they weren’t real, they still saved the world. Those stories gave people hope.”
“Like you do.” Julian said, or maybe just thought.

In Deepak’s village there was no way of telling through blinding affection and warmth who was family and who wasn’t, they embraced Julian as though he was a long lost son. They said they loved him for being Deepak’s friend. They fed him and showered him with questions about his love life and though he did his best to avoid them, somehow he felt embarrassed that he did indeed think of Solace. They wanted to know about his country and his family. He didn’t remember his parents that well, but Julian told them of friends, a family who loved the rain. He had never thought of them that way before. At least he never knew he did. He hated this, he felt loved and overwhelmed with the happiness of it, but he felt helpless before it all. Joy and hope really were as dominating as misery and cruelty. They went to wash in the river and went for a walk to the sunset. They told stories, performed secret keeps and lit a fire.

That night, Deepak told Julian he forgave him and they saw a train in the midnight sky. They stood and went again into the stars, to save the world.

The ghost train disappeared with the inching of dawn, they couldn’t catch up with it in time, leaving a trail of air stream and sapphire as the only sign of their efforts. They stopped in mid air and perched on a tree and that’s when they noticed it, a violet-black star hurtling in the direction the ghost train had sped.

“What would you call that.”

“A lead.”
Julian clad in white-silver-sapphire understanding and Deepak covered by the amber aura of Amazing followed the violet star, but it showed no sign of slowing down, at least not until midday when they were showered by black lightning. Deepak was hit, but the result was an eruption, as though Amazing’s aura and the anti-light were polar opposites which rejected one another. That’s when Reprise made herself known to them, they landed in the jungle below and both Deepak and Julian were taken aback by her terrible beauty, her eyes black and shimmering with the flare of purple fire. Black lines permeated and bloomed across her skin like flowers of shadow.

“Nothing can stop eclipse lightning. How did you do that?” She demanded to know.

“A storm giant, you have their power.” Julian blurted.

“They have mine.” She was shaking.

“Hey, are you alright?” Deepak approached her.

“Don’t touch me!” The sky thundered.

“I am Cosmos of the Raindance and this is Awesome of the Orion Alliance, we’re not going to hurt you.” Julian assured. For a moment Reprise said nothing.

“Did my lightning hurt you?” She asked Deepak. Deepak just smiled and shook his head. She spat.

“I am Reprise of Lovecraft of Incandessa and I’m going to kill you both. Somehow, one day, you’ll both vanish at my hand.”

“Lovecraft… Like Solace?” Julian uttered.

“Why, what did-” Deepak tried to ask.
“You, you Awesome, it’s what you didn’t do, what you haven’t done, you have the power of Amazing himself but you’ve never stepped foot in Incandessa, you could destroy Nightmare, Soloman and the Owl, but you let them do as they wish, running your Cake House- not only that but you accepted Soloman into Orion, I don’t believe that you don’t know what he’s done- and you, ‘Cosmos’, you took Solace Lovecraft from Incandessa, our one and only hope, it meant my friends and I were kidnapped, attacked by a tempest giant and turned into monsters- if she had been there, none of that would have happened, she would have protected us! And you dare use the name Raindance, the name of humanity’s enemy, you know nothing of the Eclipse King’s evil.”

“Who are you?” Julian spoke.

“I am Reprise, leader of Lovecraft, we defend the innocent and punish the scum of Incandessa and above all, we’re free. We’re not Orion, or Raindance or Heibaraki, we answer to no one and fear nothing. The darkness FEARS US!” Black fire from below, jet-dark thunder from above, repelled by the reflex of Deepak’s light. “And the light in all its lies will learn to as well.”

“We’re not your enemies!” Deepak pleaded. “Are you after the ghost train? So are we, we can work together!”

“Now you want to help! Only now when it suits your purposes- then kill Soloman and destroy Nightmare if you care so much!”

“You’re right! I’m sorry, Orion should have come to Incandessa, we should have. I’m sorry.” Deepak pleaded.

“Deepak, we’re going to have to fight.” Julian said.

“Your sorry means nothing, changes nothing.” Reprise roared

“We’re on the same side!”

“But she’s on no one’s side.” Julian interjected “Isn’t that right Reprise, even in disbelieving, you won’t believe in that either, no one will ever be able to hurt you, not with all your might and freedom.” He said. “Not a world that’s so depraved it wouldn’t help you when you needed it, or so impotent that it couldn’t.”

“GIVE Solace BACK!” Reprise cried as her body dissipated into lashes and strikes of thunder and fire made of night, ripping, chasing Amazing’s light and an armour of white through the sky. Explosions of lavender clashed with bursts of amber and slashes of incandescence. They cut and burned the clouds and waged with the sun, wounding it pink, causing it to bleed over the Earth. And as Deepak and Julian faltered, the black flames and lightning grew only more furious and powerful with the onset of night. But it is just as night flooded in when the sun and stars and moon all permeated the Earth, that was when Awesome was at his mightiest when sorrow and hope and joy and fury were one, iridescence blazed and knocked the black lightning out of the sky. Reprise burned and cried and she fell and with all her might cursed the sky which cracked at her terrible fury. And it bled violet darkness and lightning into the world.


“I SEE IT!” Deepak cried back. And with all the light of Amazing, Awesome could muster, he slammed into the darkness. Everything gasped and then all was still as evil scattered and Deepak fell, Julian caught him and brought them down next to Reprise.

“Is he dead? Reprise asked, barely standing herself.


“Sorry to disappoint.” Deepak whimpered.

“Well here’s your chance, he’s defenceless and I’m weakened, you could kill him with some of your black lightning.” Julian said staring at her, holding Deepak.


“Clearly you can summon them somehow, you may even have their power, but you’re not a murderer, you’re not a tempest giant.” He went on.

“What can we do for him?” Reprise asked.

“Nothing, he’ll heal, he just needs time.” Julian lay Deepak onto the grass. “I need to get him back to the village. Come with us.”

“Why? I just tried to kill you both.”

“Forgive and live, that’s what this idiot taught me, accepting even someone as depraved as me and because- Because I want to learn more about you. Will you come with us? You’re free aren’t you, don’t you want to see what that choice will bring?” And for a moment Reprise said nothing. “Because this idiot taught me that even in a universe with an Eclipse King, we’re free.”

As Reprise and Julian approached the village, using Julian’s understanding to find their way back, Deepak carried across their shoulders, they saw the villagers gathered around three strangers. A man in sunglasses, a woman in a winter coat and young boy playing a handheld game console.

“Ah, looks one of Platinum’s sightings finally paid off. Incoming two big bads people.” Smirked the man in the glasses.

“Super Black.” Julian cursed as he gazed at what the villagers were surrounding with their brooms and sticks and fists.

“Who?” Reprise asked.

“Who?” Muffin mocked, lifting his shades. “Who are we? We are what you just pretend to be, we are defenders of the world and all those who live in it.” He said, covered in burns and dragging a young boy by the hair, a little girl under his foot.

“What are you doing! Let them go!” Reprise demanded.

“If we do that, they’ll try kill us again.” Said October, her face drenched in vodka. “They got a little upset when Mr. Sensitivity over here said he was going to kill Julian.”

“Fragments.” Julian uttered. “Those kids are fragments. Deepak, why didn’t you tell me!”

“I- I didn’t know what you’d do…” Deepak managed to utter.

“What, what did you think I’d do! What have I ever done to- I…. I understand.”
“I didn’t want you to indoctrinate them into joining the Raindance…”

“Deepak, not to your family, I’d never-”
“Oh, wouldn’t you?” Muffin interrupted. “You’ve indoctrinated thousands of people around the world Cosmos, putting people in harm’s way, causing instability wherever the wind carries your words. Proving, what I’ve always known, fragments are dangerous and need to be locked up.”

“What are you talking about, it’s common knowledge Super Black are made up fragments.” Julian protested.
“Our abilities have different origins, we weren’t born with them the way you were. We’re more like your new friend over there.” October slurped

“What do you want?” Reprise demanded. “And stop touching those kids!”

“Julian Seige, aka Cosmos, leader of the Raindance insurgency and Nightingale Kyle, aka Reprise, leader of the Lovecraft criminal organisation, you are under arrest. Resist and we will kill you and everyone in this village will probably die in the crossfire.” Muffin said, throwing the child he held aside. An adult rushed over and embraced him.

“You’re mad.” Julian said. “Pandef would never risk civilian lives.”

“You could say all we were doing was protecting a village from the rampage of Cosmos who attacked following a disagreement with Awesome of Orion, we know this is his village, and you’ve already beaten him half to death, haven’t you? It would also bring the United Nations closer to passing fragment Registration- there’s nothing ‘amazing’ about what you people can do.

“I would never- That’s not who I am! And Deepak, he got hurt protecting us-” Julian protested.

“From a tempest giant summoned by her no doubt.” Slurped October.

“Why do you hate fragments so much, they’re people too!” Reprise screamed.

“Antarctica, the Raindance uprisings around the world, Chandrama, the EVIL incident, the Big Bad arms syndicate, Sirius, goddamnit – Dusklight! all fragments- all the work of fragments!”

“What about Orion, they’re United Nations affiliated.” Julian coughed.

“For now.” Murmured Rigor Mortis, focused on his videogame.

“We have to surrender.” Julian said.

“How can you say that!” Reprise screamed. “After all your talk about freedom- We’ll take the fight elsewhere, we won’t endanger these people-” In a blink of an eye, October was standing before them, gripping Deepak and barely a second later, as Julian lashed out with a blade of understanding and Reprise with a fist of black lightning, she was back with her comrades, Awesome over her shoulder.

“You’re declaring war! Orion, Heibaraki and Raindance will come after you if you dare lay a finger on him!” Julian roared.

“Not if we blame it on you. Let’s face it, Orion and Heibaraki would believe us, even Raindance would think you capable of it-” Rigor Mortis sighed.

“That’s not who I am, that’s not me! I’m not a monster!”

“As a child you killed hundreds of people by making a meteor fall to Earth, just testing out your abilities.” Muffin mocked.

“How- how do you-”

“Platinum can read minds and you think about it all the time. And you’re all the proof I’ll ever need; fragments are too dangerous, too unpredictable, too unstable. Even Heibaraki’s Yeon lost her mind and attacked Orion’s Deepnight. People think you’re all the remains of some angel, but slowly they’ll learn better, that Amazing wasn’t an angel, it was what it was – AN ALIEN! And that makes all of you, ALIENS! You don’t belong on this world. And Platinum also tells me Julian, that you were never really going to surrender, you were just bluffing, you’re fully willing to risk all these people to keep your freedom.” Muffin laughed. Deepak’s eyes grew wide as his stomach burned his chest and tears streamed down his cheeks as he struggled to lift his face to look at Julian. But it was true and all Julian could do was look away.

“October can break Deepak’s neck in the time it takes you to blink.” Rigor Mortis warned, still playing his video game. “I think that should be evident to you.”

“Kill him and I’ll never surrender!-” But that was the last straw, taking Super Black completely offguard, the villagers attacked, swarming over the three superhumans.

“Don’t kill any of them!” Mortis ordered.

“DAMN IT!” Muffin cursed. “PLATINUM!” At rapid speed, a metal disk descended from the sky and encapsulated Deepak, racing-accelerating impossibly into the sky. Julian burst after it clad in white armour. The disk and Cosmos hurled through the atmosphere, rocking the sky, blasting in waves of cascading, shuddering sonic booms.

You won’t take him away! I won’t let you! I don’t care about the world, I don’t care that he’s our only hope- he’s my only friend! You won’t take him, I won’t let you take him! And not believing in God, he prayed. Please, please help me, he’s my only friend, he’s all I have. Please… He couldn’t catch up, Platinum was going to take Deepak out of the atmosphere and Julian didn’t know if he could follow. It happened, they breached the sky, and still Julian reached out, he reached Please, don’t go, not like this… Not thinking I’m a monster… Please Deepak… don’t go. And into the darkness he reached, the cold darkness which was the realm of the Eclipse King, and he feared, he was so afraid, for all his might and callousness he was afraid- but he didn’t care, Deepak was the only warmth, only light he knew, with him was the only place that didn’t belong to the Eclipse King. As long as Deepak was there, he was free. His only friend… Then it stopped, Platinum’s Ricochet stopped.

“I can’t do it.” Said a child’s voice reverberating in Julian’s mind. He shivered, the armour was barely keeping him above freezing. “I can hear how you feel about him, I can’t do it. Not when I have Greasy, I can’t do it.”

“P-please. Let. Him. Go.” Julian pleaded, shivering.

“Reach in and take him.” Platinum said. Shaking Julian reached into the silver and felt the warmth of Deepak’s body. He extends his armour of understanding to him and holds him close. They were silent for a moment and then Platinum spoke again-

“No… the villagers- Greasy.” And the Ricochet hurtled again towards the Earth.

“JJjjulian…” Deepak managed to murmur. “We have to get back-”

“Ssh, don’t speak.”

“Yyy you don-don’t understand, I can feel the darkness, Reprise, she’s lost her mind- We have to get back!”

Reprise was changed, black flowers blooming all about her with violet lightning coursing through clouds too terrible to be natural. Super Black, all three of them lay at her feet, Platinum had changed the Ricochet into humanoid form and was fending off her attacks, her lunges of fire and thunder and bloom. Julian had to shield them as they hurtled through the incomprehensible nightmare of a sky. As they landed, Reprise turned to face them. Platinum took the opportunity, gathered Muffin and his team mates and shot off.

“Reprise you did it, you chased them off, that’s enough.” Julian said laying Deepak into the arms of a family member.

“Monster… they called me a monster…” She was crying. “They got in my way…”

“You’re not a monster Nightingale, you’re a hero. Nightingale, like Florence Nightingale, Kyle like Selena Kyle from the comics, you’re a hero!”

“…I’m going to kill all these people, the ghost train responds to tragedy, It’ll come back and then I’ll find find a way, find a way to turn my friends back, I can fix us…”

“Don’t do this Nightingale, we don’t have to be monsters, we have a choice. That’s why you’re speaking to me now, isn’t it? That’s why you aren’t just doing it, you needed someone to tell you that, now I’m telling you, there’s another way. Raindance and Orion will help you, we’ll find a way to change you back!” Julian tried to cry over the lightning.

“I SEE HIS FACE IN MY SLEEP! HE WON’T STOP SMILING!” She roared as a maelstrom formed above their heads. And for a moment Julian was speechless, she was talking about Him, about Naenamh, the Enemy, the Eclipse King, this dark power, the power of the tempest giants, it really was His. Unfathomable, indomitable. And yet Julian had to defeat it now.

“Please don’t do this Reprise, you’re no monster!”

“I’M NOT A MONSTER, I’M NOTHING LIKE YOU! I NEVER HAD A CHOICE!” The sky above them roared and swirled and it prepared to fall upon them. “WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE, AFTER ALL YOU’VE DONE, TO TELL ME, TO TELL ME!”

“You’re, you’re… you’re right.” Julian uttered, tears burning the softest part of his face. “I’m so sorry, so sorry for all I’ve done- But you don’t have to be like me.” He said, to himself and to the world. He stood and attempted to comprehend the dark energy above them. He couldn’t disarm it, it was strange, it defied the parameters of physics. The only thing he could do was divert it. Crack reality and make it slip away. Julian’s molecules in an instant dispersed as he began to focus, and came together again as a giant of laws and force and impossible might. He had awakened. Cosmos Lex Lata, an incarnation of time and gravity, of entropy and creation, push and pull, shimmering in the glare of mathematics and concepts weaving and dancing, quaking with the symphony which pinned the universe to reality. All the colours of the universe refracted through him and burst from his back, exploding and firing and dancing under the rain of black lightning. He stood, and looked up at the maelstrom of the Eclipse energy preparing to fire. This was everything he had, he had intended to use it on Isa, at the risk of unravelling the very fabric of his own existence. He intended to use it to save the world. But he would use it now, to do this one good thing. This one good thing. He didn’t know if he could block the blast- he threw a punch into the fabric of reality and cracked it, digging further into it, breaking off shards of the world – to change something, just to change something to make this awfulness go away- to change something- he discharged and pulsed and flared- even as the Eclipse erupted and fell upon his back in torrential waves of maddening night. No words for the pain, for the fear of something deeper than death as all the might evil could muster smothered him. This would kill his spirit itself. The power of Naenamh he now understood was to bring about total annihilation.

I’m sorry Deepak, for everything, let me give you this, at least my miserable life for your family which showed me so much kindness… At least God please, let me do at least this one good thing… There was pain and there was hopelessness. There was darkness. He had nothing left to give.

Julian opened his eyes, on his back barely conscious from the agony, he had reverted to his normal form, a hulking figure over him. He had survived changing into the Cosmos Lex Lata. Somehow. He heard the villagers, they were alive- had he done it?

“Well done lad!” Said Rrrumba. The skeleton and a small girl with the same markings as Reprise looming over him. Rrrrumba turned to Reprise. “Nightingale, my love, what are you doing? For the love of everything, what are you doing?”

“Let’s go home Reprise, we’ll find a way.” Said Revolt.

“I can’t I have to save you! I have to get the ghost train to change us back!” She cried.

“No matter what Naenamh’s done to your bodies, only we can turn ourselves into something like him.” Said a man old and humble and wise and full of terrible mistakes. Soloman Lovecraft. Skylight had brought him, instructed by Jiemba who had been given a psychic command by Deepak. Soloman bent to his knees and lowered his head as far as his heart had to take him.

“I’m sorry.”

And Reprise was gone, into thin air, as though she herself had rejected her own existence upon seeing her terrible enemy beg for forgiveness. The sky cleared to reveal the stars in the face of the might of miracles and it rained, so that no one need to hide nor be ashamed for sheer joy of being alive. Deepak rendered the might to crawl over to Julian and gripped his hand with all his heart and there was monsoon.

Hope you enjoyed that!  You can find an audio trailer for Seeking Scarlet on the project homepage on this site, book your tickets soon and hope to see you next week!  Oh and you can get access to the full Kaleidoscope library here:


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