Jasmine: Finale

It was the balcony. Their balcony, at the palace, where Aladdin had first taken her away to see the world in a single, wonderful night. She knew he had done this purposely. The sky was filled with enchanted carpets. What she didn’t recognize, was the skyline which surrounded them. Towers bursting with lights and symphony, like a star-sick sky.
“It’s based off of Abhu Dhabi.” Aladdin smiles. “It won’t be built for hundreds of years still, from our present.” He sat on their carpet, elevated a few feet up and floating in front of him, with his chest and ribs pried open, was once Mozehnwrath, their worst enemy since Jafahr, who did not deserve this. Meat and blood vessels reached far out of his chest where his heart sat perched, like an apple on some arcane tree from a world of nightmares. “Don’t worry about him, I threw him into a Midnight Algorithm first, but he’s much more useful like this. I know after everything I’ve done, you probably hate me now. And I know that even with all Akkadia’s power, Geanie can’t make you fall in love with me again. So I figured I’d cut the good prince here open and play with his heart until I found out how I could manipulate yours.” Jasmine doesn’t answer, she merely glares at him with horror and disgust. “Fine.” He snaps his fingers and what was left of their poor, poor enemy becomes some bizarre fruit, which Aladdin then proceeds to eat.
“Al… Look at you…” Jasmin holds back tears. “What have you become… Geanie! Geanie! Are you there? How could you let him do all this! Help me take him back!”
“He can hear you, but he doesn’t talk anymore. There’s no need. With all this power, all he has to do, is listen to me.” With that, Aladdin, opens his vest, to reveal, lodged in his chest with tubes and gears… the lamp… their lamp. “There’s nothing for us to be afraid of anymore.”
“What have you done… What have you done Al! Transforming yourself! Subjugating an entire people- waging war on the world- stealing people’s dreams! What is this?! Look at what this place has done to you! Why Aladdin- Why?!”
“Because they were never going to leave us alone Jasmine.”
“You did all this because you cared what some idiots in Aghraba thought? Are you insane?!” She cries out. Not even for a moment, does that blank smile leave his face.
“Jafahr. Mechaniclese. Mozehnwrath. Abismahl. Even your father, who never lifted a finger to make us accepted- the world was never going to leave us alone. Europe is developing guns and the Khans are moving west. All the while people like me, still go hungry on streets. It isn’t right, none of it is right. Then I realised, we had the power. With Geanie and Carpet, we didn’t have to live in fear of the next enemy or challenge, we could go on the offensive. So, I took over Akkadia, to gain access to its power and now, I’m going to conquer the world and recreate it in our image. So no one will ever get in our way again. We can be together Jasmine, finally left alone.” He says and tears run across Jasmine’s face.
“Were the challenges hard for you Aladdin? Is that why you became a monster? Is that why you left- is that why you left me completely alone?! Because they were hard for me too! But that’s the point! Being together is about facing those challenges together! But you just gave up and left and started all this- all this madness! Come back Aladdin! Let’s just go home!” She pleaded.
“I was waiting for you to arrive, because I wanted you to see it.” He laughs. “Our final victory. I have enough dreams Jasmine, I can open the door to the Epilogue World! And I can pull her out!”
“I don’t understand, pull who out?” Jasmine stuttered.
“Our angel. Sheharazade. Our whole lives, have been her telling our story, but I’m going to pull her out of heaven by force, to set us free, then I’m going to use her power to lay waste to this world. I’ll remove the past and the future, so that only the present is left, then we can just be together, always. Always.” Aladdin says and raises his arms and as he does, the lights of the cityscape bleed and slipstream into the sky where the carpets parted for them.
“I won’t let you.” She reared her sword. “Sagan, Song!” She roars as from the music of her oud, a crystal woman and from the glint of her eyes, a tusked whale, flash into the world.
“Two geanies? Not enough Jasmine…” Aladdin laughs. “Geanie, show them how it’s done.” And a maelstrom of blue erupts around Aladdin and storms at Sagan and Song. The three entities collide, erupt and cascade in all directions in lights and colours and lightning-fire fantastic- and in the rhapsody, Jasmine leaps towards Aladdin, only for the carpets which fill the sky to attack at the speed of sound. She dances and rages with them as they sweep her up in their hurricane of fury, she cuts and swings and strikes and falls and flies as they overwhelm her- but still she fights. And all the while, what can only have been the iris of a titanic eye, opens in the sky and as it does, the four iridescent, gargantuan wings of a dragon-fly, beat. It hymns with scream and song. The horror of it paralyses Jasmine, she drops her sword and vanishes into the madness of it all, gone, a part of the magic now, for all time.
“Are you satisfied!” Aladdin cries out at it. “Sheharazad! Now I see you! Now you’re m-!” Aladdin looks down, to see Jasmine’s broken sword, penetrate through the lamp on his chest. There, standing in front of him, with sword in hand, was the young Princess Badroulbadour. Before he had named her Jasmine. No shield or henna, just an amazing, teenage girl with sorrowful and determined, jasmine coloured eyes. This young girl had felt impossible sadness across space and time, so she followed the answer to the sphinx’s riddle here, to this moment in nowhere, to fix everything. Aladdin falls and Badroulbadour gazes up at the magnificent monstrosity that was the angel, Sheharazad.
“There’s a way this can be different!” She cries out. “Even if you have to make the world start all over again, please make this happen. Make me Aladdin and let him be me, because if we could do it again and I were him, I would make it different, I could make it right.” And so, the stars begin to go out as Sheharazad sings and all goes dark.
When the princess opens her eyes, she finds herself on a rooftop, certain her name was Aladdin, the smell of coffee and tea, the palace of Aghraba in the distance, knowing soon, she… he, would have someone to share this sight with. Believing in the world, universe and love, in all its infinite possibilities. Able to fall in love and so, impossibly brave.
Thank you amazing person for reading this special, Halloween series 🙂 if you enjoyed, follow me and #heistories for a multiverse of tales. Thank you so much for all your kind support and there’s still a-lot to come! Hei Stories is putting on a theatrical performance in London in 2017 at two venues in the lead up to an animated pilot. We’re setting up regular storytelling sessions and a magazine you can subscribe to soon. For more info, feel free to message me on heistories@gmail.com, or stay tuned for stories to enchant and inspire. 🙂

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