Jasmine: Episode 7

The exiled Babylonians could hear her return well in advance. Thus was the nature of riding a buraq which travelled at the speed of ‘love’. When the animal landed, the world shook and the strange stars turned to lightning in its wake. The entity seemed to have the anatomy of a horse, but was lean like a snake or some predatory lizard, with narrow face and opalescent surface. It had no wings, but yet still flew and rocked across the sky, somehow. As Jasmine unmounted, the buraq was simply gone, tamable only by ‘love’, the source of it’s bizarre power and even then, only tameable for so long. For a moment, the people, children and spirits of the tribe merely gazed at the invader, as Mitra walked forward.
“You’re still human.” She smiled.
“Believe it.” The invader grinned back.
“What did the devils teach you?” Mitra asked. In response, Jasmine reared her oud and played on it and as she did, a colossus of a figure emerged from the sand, it took the appearance of Mohzenwrath. Then she leaped, hundred of feets in a single bound and with the stroke of her broken sword, severed the monolith asunder. “Am I supposed to be impressed.” Mitra smirked as the twin masked ghost which served the exiled people fled into the sky and as trough frightening the stars, comets fell upon them- rather upon Jasmine, who cut through the air between her and Mitra. The comets never hit, they burst into clouds of moonlit mothshousing giant snow birds and vanished into the night.
“What did you…” Mitra gasped.
“I cut through your apprehensions. Your suspicions and mistrust. Your grief.” Jamine smiled. “Now, are we going to talk?”
“Yeah… now we can talk.” Jasmin watched Mitra’s irises spin as the world turned upside down and they found themselves in that sky of strange constellations. This new plain, was a world of night lit by countless lanterns, broken or suspended by nothing across a desert of carpets and rugs, iridescent and beautiful in their countless patterns in the twilight of this world, whose sky was an array of globes, worlds of water and sand and crystal, so close.
“Where are we?” Jasmine asked.
“Read. You can do that now, right?”
This place was a battlefield, used by Akkadians over generations, where enchanted carpets raced and collided with ghosts whilst geanies threw worlds at one another. This was the place where Mohzenwrath and the Adversary, the current geanie king had their great confrontation, away from the earthly realm, where they might have destroyed Babylon. Out across this ‘battle realm’, this land of carpets, was the fortress of Mechaniclese.
Mitra explained that before the Adversary had appeared and taken over as the new geanie king, Mohzenwrath had formed an alliance with the terrorist, Mechaniclese. Aghraba knew him well. Jasmine knew him well. Mechaniclese as he called himself, had cut a swath through the Mediterranean and Middle East to further his own vision of ‘science’ and ‘progressive’, leveling cities to test his machines, making slaves out of people and selling his arcane weapons to the worst of despots. He made an agreement with Mohzenwrath, that in exchange for access to Akkadia’s magic, he would develop a new a weapon, a new technology. A battery, which could create geanies. After the Adversary became the new geanie king, Mechaniclese was banished beyond the black sands, on to this stranger realm. The Greek engineer however, only became even more determined to complete his work and so, abducted a Caliginous, to better understand the science of ‘love’, of ‘magic’. A Caliginous Solution was the eventual result of some Midnight Algorithms. In time, they would come to terms with the rules of the material universe and their place in it and would settle, accommodating laws of nature, rhyme and reason. For that reason, each Caliginous was vital for the survival of exiled Babylonians in the black sands. They made it possible for them to go to sleep, without having their dreams taken, a bizarre practise of the new geanie king, the purpose of which they did not know, only that it robbed them of their will and love and imagination and that as they were, they could not do what Jasmine could. They could not take back their lives. Jasmine agreed, that she would tear down Machiniclese’s fortress, if for no other reason than to have him give her answers. She felt she was getting close and that somehow, the epicentre of the mystery, seemed to be Aghraba.
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