Jasmine: Episode 2

This basket was woven from the branches of fig bushes. The art which bloomed across the object was striking and none like she had seen before. African maybe. She ran her calloused hands across it. It had been woven carefully and painstakingly, with joy. Like love. It smelt sweet like autumn and figs. The invader in jasmine rags had found it in the sand and the night, the only sign that other people may have lived in this strange, strange country. She fiddled with the straw and form of the basket, considering if she should repurpose it to scabbard her sword, cover her shield maybe. Instead she wore the cover over her head, to give herself respite from the beautiful, unsettling shimmer of Akkadia’s arcane night sky and its many staring moons. She had not yet discovered the secret of staying awake in a country which stole your dreams to feed the night. It had taken her a month to discover the secret of Mohzenwrath’s kingdom of wonder and why falling asleep here felt so frightening.
“Are you the invader?” She gazed up to see a tall, bone-white figure without features, it shone like moonlight or a dusk ember. It were as though its very existence could not be comprehended by the material world. Only this place, Akkadia, could come close. No face except for what could have been four eyes, peering like Akkadia’s scarlet stars. “If you teach me to speak and to see, I will show you how not to sleep.” The mesmerising creature pointed.
“Will you take me to Babylon?” Asked the invader.
“I fought against the geanie king. I am not welcome in Babylon.” It spoke without mouth or words.
“Will you show me the way?”
“The geanie king is… strange… I will show you how not to sleep.” With that, the moonlight Saracen walked off through the air and throwing the basket cover into the wind, the jasmine woman followed, into the impossible night.

You say the cover blew into the city? You have done well to bring it to the library, citizen. Might I recommend some reading? Perhaps prehistory on the Old Kingdom? Yes, there are countries older than Akkadia, though not on the Earth.

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