Seeking scarlet at the end of the world

Here you can download for free the script for the Pilot episode of our animated series set in the Kaelidoscope universe, to begin production in 2017.

Seeking Scarlet (Script Download Here)

It is an age of lightcatching and secret keeping, stories and candlelight. An age of love.  This is the age of Asem.  Iconoclast and her Raindance acolytes begin their assault on Polis Earth, but where is the guardian when she is most needed? Where is Asem?  This is a story about a refugee superheroine, searching for her place in a world under siege and trying to decide if it is worth saving.  Seeking Scarlet features an international cast of characters and deals with hope, tolerance and conflict, love, tragedy and peace in a world not so different from our own. Download and let me know what you think!

To help us produce the animated series, we’ve begun crowdfunding on Patreon (  If you like what you’ve read, (both here and in our previous stories, which are all set in the same universe) you’re welcome to support us here with a contribution of your choice.  Funds will help us hire an artist and cover much of the start-up of costs of production.

As always, hope you enjoy the story!





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