There are many worlds which populate Kaleidoscope.  Among them, is the bizarre planet of Shimmer, divided between a kingdom of day and a kingdom of night; a fine balance disturbed by the arrival of humans.  Here are Shimmer’s origins.

20160329_135114In the beginning, the Great Mystery flew through the darkness and that’s all that was, but in time, things wanted to be, life willed to be. And from will and heat, the first firefly was born. Sensing a disturbance in the darkness, the Moth moved quickly to snuff out the light. But that wasn’t the end, many more fireflies were born from the ether. They would not die quietly, life would happen. The fireflies set the darkness alight and the raging fires were born. To fight them, the Moth, the Great Mystery granted sentience to the darkness and so the raging shadows were born. The fires and shadows warred for what might have been aeons, or what could have been moments. What happened next, many different worlds would give different names, the humans who would come to Shimmer eventually called it the Big Bang. When a firefly changed, so desperate to live, it changed and sprinted, it became The Star King. The Star King defeated the Moth and used both the shadows and the fires to reveal Shimmer, our world. Life was born and there was peace between fire and shadow, night and day shared the universe. The Moth, The Great Mystery locked deep in the night, further than any living thing could go. The Star King fell asleep in a tree and vanished. That tree would become Bodi Redwood and house all his power, whilst the fireflies remained and once a generation, the fireflies speak to her and she again calls back the Star King to restore balance between day and night. Millennia passed and the humans came in a castle from the sky; the denizens of night, led by the bats, fearing the human power to light the night, declared war and so the first wars of day and night began. The denizens of day, led by the rams, protected the humans and in time, the awesome human city of Bonfire was built on Shimmer and once it was finished, the human king gave an offering to the bats, the offering of light which made the darkness only more sublime. The ghosts stepped forward, convincing the bats to accept. A new era dawned on Shimmer. The dragon kings ruled beside the ghost lord Slumber. And there was peace. But then why are the fireflies dying? And where is the Star King? Nyx the bat baron rears his head and makes a terrible offer to the human princess Virgo. The balance is about to be spin out of control. And Shimmer’s last hope lies with a young wolf in the realm of night, who by chance or fate has found Raindrop, the last firefly.


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