Welcome to Kaleidoscope

Hei Stories is a producer of original stories across mediums, with a unique take on fantasy and scifi; our stories are cosmic and international, drawing on contemporary issues and grounded, human themes.  Here you will find hyper-terrestrial explorers and superheroines from the Middle East as they fall in and out of love and come into their own in the universe of Kaleidoscope.

Kaleidoscope is our flagship project, a fictional universe in which we are developing a number of stories, series and books, including epic love stories such as Seeking Scarlet at the End of the World and Monsoon.  Our stories are founded on the principle that the world is endlessly vast and in all its imperfections is beautiful, worth living in and exploring; inspired by storytellers like Hayao Miyazaki and Don Bluth.

Explore our universe and activies on our Blog/ Wiki here, or visit our main site on http://www.heistories.com

H E I-001

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